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Kids will love this cooking class which teaches them classic recipes everyone loves: homemade tomato soup with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, snap peas and fudgy brownies for dessert.  Take home dinner includes Pulled pork sandwiches on homemade rolls with slaw, mixed greens salad and carrot cake.  All these recipes are filled with flavour and have a healthy twist. As always, kids learn about food safety, knife safety, nutrition and how to create balanced meals.    Sunday December 13, 10 am - 3 pm                      $80
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Lets celebrate 2015 with some hearty and warming food followed by some great raw chocolate recipes. Leave with great recipes to use at home and healthy chocolates to get you through the rest of the year. We start the evening with kale pesto bruchetta, enjoy a meal of butternut squash risotto and lemon rosemary chicken, and make some raw chocolate bark for dessert.    Friday December 11, 7-10 pm                     $65
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Desserts can be both delicious and nutritious, and this class will prove that. Learn some healthy recipes that will have everyone coming back for more. Cookie dough truffles, peanut butter cups, and lastly moist and rich gingerbread cake-perfect for the holidays!   Tuesday December 8, 6:30-9:30 pm                        $75
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Tonight we do things a bit differently-instead of focusing on romance, we focus on fun. We start the evening with an appetizer sampling, then make some homemade chipotle garlic aioli to smear on black bean burgers, and dessert is mini ice cream cookie sandwiches. This evening is bound to be messy, but those are always the best!   Friday November 27, 7-10 pmy                      $130 per couple
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Kids will love this opportunity to work hands on in the kitchen. This class will have them making their own lunch from scratch, followed by a delicious homemade dinner for them to take home and share with the family. All kids in this class will learn about food safety, knife safety, nutrition and how to create balanced meals. This class will focus on Italian cuisine with rustic pizza for lunch and lasagna from scratch for dinner.  Sunday November 15, 10 am - 3 pm                          $80
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Have a fun night out with some girlfriends while enjoying some delicious, nutritious dishes. This class highlights some healthy asian dishes starting with nutrient dense salad rolls, followed by spicy bok choi and shrimp stir fry and ending with raw nanaimo bars (a decadent treat like no other!). Make sure to bring your appetite.   Friday October 16, 7-10 pm       $65
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I am excited to share the news that after years of waiting, I have finally gone back to school to learn more about nutrition! I will be completing my studies in June of 2015, when I will get busy designing some great cooking classes for kids and adults that maximize nutrition but still taste fantastic. I am still available for home parties, where I bring all the ingredients and equipment to your home and we cook up some great dishes together. For more information about my home parties, please call me at (780) 604-7357. Until next year, scheduled cooking classes are not being offered. Thank you for your interest in Nourish Me Cooking Classes. I look forward to cooking with you next year!! Lindsay
School Based Events: Nourish Me Educational Workshops are a great opportunity to combine science, nutrition and cooking all in one session. With the help of the kids, I will teach them how food science works, why it is important to eat healthy food, and how to prepare it on their own (with some parental help). Sessions can be customized for specific age groups and duration, and are an affordable way of keeping learning creative and interesting. Workshops include working with food to prepare a dish that can then be enjoyed by the students. All ingredients are nut free. Sessions are typically an hour and are a charge of $100. I travel to: St. Albert, Edmonton, Stoney Plain, Sherwood Park, Morrinville and Fort Saskatchewan. Classroom ideas: The Science behind the food we eat: How does yeast make bread? Why is yoghurt so good for us? Why does ice cream have to be churned? Learn some food chemistry, then make some delicious snacks! Mom, I'm hungry! A great way to add variety to a child's diet, while having fun.We will be exploring taste and nutrition at the same time. My turn to cook: Lets kids explore some great ways for them to contribute to supper at home. We will look at safe ways to prepare tasty dishes so kids have no more reason to complain. For more information, please call (780)604-7357.
Winter Home Party Special-Money Saving Mom!   See a great class idea and have a bunch of friends who are also interested? Have a specific dietary need to work around? Need to have a bit of fun and pampering? I would love to come to your home and teach you what I know. Stay in your pajamas, have a glass of wine and learn to cook delicious dishes. I am able to work with almost any menu. The best part-I am not trying to sell you anything and I take all the dirty dishes with me! Home Party Ideas: Stock up the Freezer: With September here and time of the essence once again, stocking up the freezer for busy nights is a must. What better way than with a bunch of friends? Choose from a wide selection: lasagna with homemade pasta, chilli and cornbread, chicken pot pie, chicken Divan, pizza crust and a large variety of soups and stews. These will keep your body nuorished and leave some time to nourish your soul as well. Meal Planning 101. Week days are so busy, most families barely have time to eat let alone prepare a healthy meal. Why not prepare all your weekday meals in one evening? Take the guess work out of dinner and have everything ready to go for every night of the week.Save money, eat healthy, spend less time in the kitchen, and enjoy supper time again. Crock Pot Party. Most homes have a crock pot that sits at the back of the cupboard collecting dust. This is a great appliance for busy families and should be used! I have some great ideas to get you started, stock up your freezer and save you tons of time. What better way to come home from a long day at work…
Mornings are a hectic time, with breakfast often missed in the rush to get out the door. But what our mothers told us is true-breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are many baked goods that can be made for the week, that when taken with an apple or banana as you run out the door, offers you a complete meal that will tie you over until lunch. In this class, we will be making freezable breakfast sandwiches done two ways, summer porridge, and two varieties of baked goods. These recipes are not diary and gluten free, but I can show you how easy it is to do a switch if you let me know it is needed!  
With the challenge every weekday morning of what to pack in their lunch, finding new ways to incorporate healthy snacks may be difficult. I will help you create yummy treats that will keep kids going all day long-they keep mom and dad going all day long too! Included in this class are fruity jigglers, meringue cookies, two types of granola, pumpkin pie pumpkin seeds and cheesy animal crackers. Please note that these recipes are nut, dairy and gluten free (the exception being the cheesy animal crackers)-but you wouldn’t know it if I hadn’t told you!  

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